Wedding Style

Every season has its magic.
The wedding planners of Villa Gervasio will build for a dream to be lived with open eyes.

The magical Christmas snowfall, the little lights that shine like little diamonds on miniature fir trees, red roses and gold and white, blue and silver confetti, candy sticks and gingerbread men. The warm colors of autumn and the lights that surround Villa Gervasio, making it the stage of a wonderful dream.
Spring, symbol of rebirth with the flowers that bloom and the summer, with its colors and its perfumes.

Every season has its magic and every corner of the Villa will welcome unique set-ups, as the bride and groom want for an event that can really be the most beautiful fairy tale that has been written until the day of “Yes, I want it”.

Click on each season. We have chosen to tell you the most beautiful love stories, in the moment of “Yes, I want it!”