That of Villa Gervasio is a story that spans decades and generations giving emotions. Always. Forever. A story that begins in 1990, when Gervasio and Pasquale Iaquaniello give life to an adventure that has its buttonhole in the restaurant business. From that moment, the dream of Villa Gervasio grows and is fueled by passion and emotions.
Those emotions that arise in the eyes of the villa’s guests, captivated by the charm of the Phlegraean Fields, by wide and elegant spaces, by breathtaking scenery.

From the 2000s, the second generation of the Iaquaniello family brought together the baton of the founders, enriching Villa Gervasio with further suggestions and creativity, energy and elegance.
The Filomena and Mena hospitality and event managers, the administrator Mariano and the chef Giovanni Iaquaniello accompany their guests to discover Villa Gervasio, a place that extends for a total of 14,000 square meters, in the heart of the Land of Myth, those Phlegraean Fields that have always enchanted tourists and travelers.

The myth and history ...
Villa Gervasio between history and legend.

Villa Gervasio dominates a land where history and legend intertwine: the Phlegraean fields, an authentic treasure chest where surprising landscapes and extraordinary archaeological remains meet. It is the place made immortal by Virgil’s Aeneid. Among the protagonists of this panorama stands out the Aragonese Castle of Baia: a bastion overlooking the sea, an ideal meeting point between the yellow tuff of Campi Flegrei, the history, the wind and the sea. The remains of a Roman building complex were included in the construction of this strongly desired castle – towards the end of the 15th century – by the Aragonese.

It was Pedro Alvarez from Toledo who wanted to modify the structure, immediately after the eruption that generated Monte Nuovo in 1538. The Spanish viceroy imposed a renovation of the castle, which ended up taking on its characteristic star shape.

It is the Land of Myth, the place that has opened its arms to the Greeks, the Romans, the great poets of the past, the travelers of the Grand Tour and contemporary tourists. And that today opens itself to the eyes of the guests of Villa Gervasio.