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27 December 2019

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Wedding on Valentine’s Day, getting married on the day of love

If you are a romantic couple, who do not miss an anniversary or an opportunity to celebrate their love, the perfect day to finally say “yes” can only be Valentine’s Day.

But how to organize a Valentine’s Day wedding that reflects the theme of love? Weddings are already the triumph of every love story and in the details of ceremony and reception there are certainly valid references to the couple and their feelings. However, if you get married on February 14, you can also dare with some extra romance, personal and tender.

For your participation, choose a sweet and jaunty graphic, which refers to love and romance, with fluttering and light decorations. Even in the colors, you can point to pastel shades, sage or sugar paper, through the white or wisteria. And why not, to make your invitations even more personal and personalized, think of your love story, your memories together: where you met, where he made you the proposal of marriage or a photo of you together.

The heart is the real symbol of this party, so make it a key element for your dosing it in various details: it can become the logo of the participations combined with your initials as well as it can be the perfect decorative element to add to the centerpieces or corners relax in the form of cushions. Rattan hearts, fabric and chalk: have fun creating the perfect mood.

Almost trivial to say that the first color that comes to mind for those who think about Valentine’s Day is red. If you like it, there are endless possibilities to use this colour, which also represents love and passion… which colour is best suited to celebrate your love? In the flowers, in the bouquet, in a detail of the wedding dress and in the decorations of the locations; combined with the classic white, but also with powder green or in a triumph of pink and orange, choose the bride you want to be and move in that direction. Hidden under the wedding dress, it does not mean that they are of lesser importance: shoes! Two red heels you think are too showy? The really chic touch, then, could be … the soles! A nice pair of Louboutins will be your second love and will make you face the day on the right foot.

To create a romantic atmosphere, nothing is more important than light. Choose the right lighting, fill the tables with candles of different heights, silk tablecloths that reflect the light, lanterns and outdoor lights.

For the cake buffet, make a selection of chocolate creams and cakes, decorated with raspberry or strawberry icing, sugared almonds, macarons and heart-shaped biscuits. For the wedding cake, nothing is more romantic than a naked cake red velvet and cream filling, decorated with fresh flowers or personalised writing.

And last but not least, the flowers! As an alternative to the classic roses, seasonal flowers such as anemones, amaryllis, tulips, buttercups and hellebores (beautiful in the mauve version).