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19 December 2019

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Green wedding: how to organize an eco-friendly wedding

From participation to the honeymoon, more and more newlyweds are choosing to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives with an eye to sustainability. A moment of celebration, far from excesses – those that turn into waste – and a friend of the environment.  If you try to live a life in harmony with nature, you can’t help but respect it during your wedding.

A choice, that of eco-wedding, which is gradually becoming a real trend.

The eco wedding concerns the entire chain of the wedding party: the clothes, the ceremony, the reception, the invitations, the trip, the favors.

For invitations use only e-mail: no envelopes and cards with stamps. If you want or need to send the classic paper invitations, you should prefer recycled paper or use postcards made with your photo: you will minimize the use of paper and the costs will be lower. In addition to the participation, also the menus, the church booklets, the maps to reach the location and the thank you cards can be made of simple recycled paper. A good idea is to provide natural placeholders: they can be, for example, in wood or jute canvas to emphasize the most authentic and simple side of your table. Write the name of each guest on a piece of wood and you will create a small souvenir, which everyone will gladly take away at the end of the party.

Organize public transport for guests. This way you will have less private cars, less pollution, and more fun for your friends and family who live the ceremony together from the first to the last minute.

For the menu choose companies or suppliers in the area where the wedding is celebrated. As for the menu of the wedding banquet, there are many ideas from which to take inspiration for a sustainable catering. Many catering companies use zero km products, coming from typically green environments such as greenhouses, farms, agricultural cooperatives and farmhouses. The menus to be preferred are therefore those inspired by nature, with seasonal fruit and vegetables, cereals and organic dairy products.

For the choice of the wedding dress choose between two possibilities: a second hand dress, perhaps reusing the one worn years earlier by your mother, for a fantastic and original vintage wedding dress. If the style was a bit too retro for your taste, you could always make some changes to make it more current. Or buy an eco-friendly dress made from recycled materials. Today, given the growing sensitivity to the environment, there are many ateliers that offer this type of dress different models: from empire style wedding dresses to those slipped, ensuring the same elegance and delicacy of a dress made to normal standards. For faith, instead, choose recycled gold or gold purchased through the market of fair trade products.

Even the flowers of the bouquet and decorations can not fail to comply with the rule of km 0. Choose only seasonal flowers and avoid using them beyond what is necessary. A truly green and also particularly creative idea would be to use flowers made of recycled paper or silk. Invent, create, let your imagination run wild: it will be a wedding not only eco-friendly, but above all unique!

For wedding favours you will be spoilt for choice: small jute bags containing seeds to be planted, jars of honey or organic jam, squares of natural soap, spices in jars, candles of recycled wax, books or wine. Or, choose the wedding favors. You could donate the entire budget for the wedding favors to charity. It will give your wedding that touch of generosity and sweetness with which you would like it to be remembered.

Finally, when organizing your honeymoon, it will not be absolutely difficult to find a solution that combines luxury, beauty and respect for the environment. Here, too, there are few and simple guidelines to keep in mind: environmental sustainability, respect for bio-architecture and local traditions, cultures and populations.