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12 December 2019

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Classic Blue Wedding, Pantone Color of year 2020

Something new, old, lent and above all something blue, indeed for the 2020 weddings of Classic Blue, the color of the year decided by Pantone. A traditional blue, that infuses peace and a sense of serenity and that has always been well suited to be the protagonist of the wedding.

If 2019 has been explosive with the Living Coral, 2020 will be coloured with a timeless shade that perfectly matches the shades of the Blue Salon of our villa and the colour of the sea surrounding the hill.

Blue gives a regal look to the table (the resemblance to the Royal Blue is not a coincidence) and is perfect to be matched both with precious colors such as silver and gold – or gold roses, very trendy in recent years – and with cooler and more playful nuances such as white and yellow.

Elegant and refined wedding invitations in Pantone blue are a simple and reassuring choice, just like its color, you can be inspired by the most classic lines and winter or aim for a more “light” style with the use of patterns and designs. The precise blue stitch makes the difference, but you can play with the nuances.

After having seen them for years only in American TV shows, even in Italy the presence of bridesmaids with themed wedding dresses coordinated by cut or color is becoming more and more widespread. Let’s bet that next year it won’t be difficult to find in the shops models in nuance with the color Pantone? The Classic Blue satisfies even the most demanding bride’s friends.

And here we are, the protagonist, how to make the bride a little more Classic Blue? The first element is the bouquet that, if for the shape “must” follow the style of the dress, for the color can undoubtedly be in harmony with the theme of the wedding (but not a rule!). Although not among the most popular, it is not uncommon to find floral arrangements in various shades of blue, here are some examples to take immediately to your Floral Stylist!

Finally, for jewelry and shoes in Classic Blue we have two absolute icons to inspire us: Carrie Bradshaw with her Manolo Blahnik worn for her wedding with Mr. Big and the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, who said Yes to her William and also to the blue of her wonderful ring!

And last but not least, the Wedding Cake. The inspirations for a Classic Blue wedding cake are endless, ranging from the simple addition of floral elements in sugar paste to total blue cake with precious decorations. The blue colour makes even the simplest cake a gift, if you don’t like the glitz of multi-layer wedding cakes.