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07 November 2019

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Wedding, the groom’s duties

We always talk about brides and everything they should and should not do before and during the day of the wedding, but this time we talk about the bridegroom instead. Your prince charming. So what are his duties in view of the big day? If you think or fear that your promised groom may make some more or less big mistake before and during the wedding day here is a small list of things to do and not to do to get to the altar in full order without any fall in style.
There are three key elements in which the groom should be involved from the beginning: the wedding budget, the guest list and the wedding list. The budget and guest list must be evaluated before starting to book any other service. The wedding list will probably be the most enjoyable of the three, and may be the reward offered to the groom for the effort of participating in the first two!
If we talk about the groom’s duties, we can not help but start from two of the most important choices that affect the protagonist of your wedding, those of the witnesses and the dress. Witnesses should be chosen from the circle of historical friends or relatives so that they are always figures in their lives. The choice of the dress, on the other hand, represents a fundamental step in the process of approaching marriage, to be shared with those closest to us. Fewer and fewer newlyweds choose the traditional tight or the tuxedo, but prefer designer clothes or tailored that not only adapt to the atmosphere of the wedding, but also represent their way of being. A bit like the bride, the groom must be free to choose how to get to the altar, some opt for a style a bit ‘classic, not too far from the elegant dress to which they are usually accustomed, others prefer to impress with a outfit a little more bizarre and special, but in which they reflect and feel at ease. So let your partner have fun choosing his dress and if you really want it to match a detail of yours suggest a reference color that should at least approach. It will be fun to see what he can invent when he goes out shopping without you!
The groom is then responsible for organizing the honeymoon. Obviously the couple will decide together the destination of the honeymoon, but the groom can be delegated the operational planning of the trip itself, from bookings to itineraries, so as to lift the bride from a part of the stress of recent months. For many brides and grooms it can become a pretty fun activity. The groom can say his or her piece in a very important voice of the wedding: food. It will certainly be a pleasure (more than a duty) for him to participate in the tasting, i.e. to test the menu and express his opinion on dishes and wines to be served on the day of the wedding.
Have you already decided what will be the means that will accompany you on the day of your yes? If it doesn’t make any difference to you to have a carriage with four white horses or a simple sidecar, then let him suggest what to do. All the more so if your man is a car enthusiast, the choice of the wedding car can only be a pure hoot. You can perhaps suggest him to discard a vehicle that may create difficulties with the dress, especially if it is a very bulky dress, for the rest will be free to give vent to his imagination and his passions.
If the location where you will have your wedding reception does not have the wedding suite, let the groom surprise you and let him choose where you will spend the first night as a husband and wife.
In the division of tasks, the groom should not miss the purchase of gifts for his witnesses. No matter who they are, friends, colleagues or siblings, they know them better than anyone else, so it will certainly be a walk for him to find out what to buy.
On the wedding day, the groom should make sure to pass on his gratitude to the bride’s family, without neglecting to personally thank all the guests. It might be a good idea to prepare a short speech to reserve for the reception, perhaps studying the tone appropriate to the situation (ironic, sentimental, etc..).
Finally, never lose sight of your goal: to help make this day special, honoring and making her feel special, as she has just become her life companion.
Dear newlyweds, there is something for everyone: no one is saved from their commitments! The best way to divide up the tasks for the organization of the wedding is to do together as much as possible: you will spare yourself misunderstandings, but above all the feeling of being overwhelmed by the commitments.