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31 October 2019

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Winter wedding: all the ideas for the perfect ceremony

The warm colors of nature, the warmth of a lit fireplace, the play of lights and candles. These are the key elements for a very intimate and suggestive atmosphere. More and more couples are carefully evaluating the pros and cons of celebrating their reception during the winter months, and opt for the cold season. If you are an original couple and you like to surprise, getting married in an unusual month is an excellent idea to leave your loved ones speechless!
Those who choose to celebrate the most important day of their life in this period also do so to take advantage of company closures that allow them to extend their marriage leave. And also, an equally crucial element, to avoid weather stress. Lunch or dinner will still be inside and the days immediately before the wedding will not be spent to spasmodically consult the weather in fear of a treacherous thunderstorm. The main rule for a winter wedding is to create a warm atmosphere, both in the place where the ceremony takes place and in the location chosen for the reception. As for the settings, choose warm lights, candles and, if Christmas is near, have a magnificent tree set up. Preferred locations indoors, but with varied environments, to vary the range of entertainment, just as Villa Gervasio offers.
Yes to the Christmas colors. Winter is a very rich season of suggestions and you can be inspired by its atmospheres for exhibitions. Go ahead, therefore, to candles of all sizes and lanterns that warm the atmosphere. Crystals and transparent weaves, which reflect light, create a bright and shiny environment. Finally, the effect created by the play of light is extremely suggestive in a winter wedding. For example, glass bottles filled with strands of small lights – arranged next to each other on a laid table – immediately brings to mind a warm, joyful atmosphere. As for colors, there are two options: either to focus on warm colors, such as red and gold, perfect for those who have chosen a Christmas wedding invitation, or choose cool colors, such as blue, total white and blue ‘silver, which will bring to mind the scenarios and environments in which the Disney princesses of ice move. Getting married in winter also means enjoying a good lunch or dinner without having to think about too hot and light dishes. Indeed, in this season the menus are particularly rich in both flavor and calories. The cold season lends itself to a wider range of dishes than summer receptions; allowed and welcome soups, roasts, braised meat, flavored mashed potatoes, chestnut and truffle creams. Last trend? Hot chocolate to warm the guests, served in colored cups to guarantee fun. Forbidden to give up flowers. To give a touch of glamor to the wedding and ensure a triumphal entrance to the altar, you can use the Christmas star. Few people know that it is an extremely versatile plant that can be transformed into highly original decorations, but it is not the only floral protagonist of winter weddings; there are also fir, dog roses, buttercups, tulips, berries, mistletoe branches and even pine cones.
For those who decide to get married in the winter, the first thought is the wedding dress. The fabrics, the models, the cut and the accessories to be combined change, there is only the embarrassment of the choice. You can decide to focus on high-necked and long-sleeved dresses, more elegant and refined than the trends of summer wedding dresses. Skirts can be more fluffy and princely, court shoes, ideal because they have a closed toe and a medium heel. If you like them, in the colder months you can show off stoles, capes and shoulder-covers that will keep you warm for the duration of the wedding. And the groom? The shades of color between dark gray and black are to be preferred during the cold season. As for the shirt, it is always better to opt for the classic cut, in the light shades of cream or white. In winter the etiquette of colors changes and even the guests can enjoy more. Warm tones such as bright red or gold, not recommended by the wedding etiquette celebrated in spring or summer, are instead allowed at this time of year. Sequins, glitter and sparkling dresses can be worn and create a fairytale environment.
For the winter wedding bouquet, the flowers are not lacking and indeed, they are very elegant and fragrant. The queen of winter flowers is the orchid, refined and precious. Thanks to its beauty and the exceptional duration of its flowers, it is the most indicated in this season. Another flower much appreciated for the most original bridal bouquets is the anemone, of sure effect thanks to its large white petals in combination with roses of soft colors.
The winter wedding allows you to foresee different gifts and presents for invited clothes. If the wedding was scheduled before Christmas, you could for example give a ball to the precious tree. To warm up the guests, make available pashminas or shawls. And don’t forget to offer hot chocolate, tea, spicy biscuits and maybe a hot punch during the evening celebrations, between one dance and another.
Winter is certainly a beautiful season for those who love snow and cold: an idea for the honeymoon could be to visit a Nordic country, such as Lapland, Norway or Iceland, between aurora borealis, thermal waters and fabulous landscapes. Sports enthusiasts and adventurers can opt for a honeymoon in the mountains, with skis or snowboards on their feet and relaxing spa treatments. While for those who love the heat and distant and paradisiacal destinations, there are many exotic destinations to visit from November to March, in their summer season. From the timeless and wonderful Maldives, to Mexico and the Caribbean islands (first of all Cuba). Even the African continent offers great emotions, starting from South Africa, up to Madagascar. Finally, if you really want to go to the other side of the world, Australia will undoubtedly be a wonderful choice that will combine nature, culture and wonderful beaches.

Photo credit ©2012 Jennifer Kathryn Photography