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24 October 2019

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Wedding dress, the most original ideas to be truly unique

Marriage is a dream since childhood. The brides wait for the fairy tale, the prince, the ceremony, the flowers and the classic princely white dress but, once grown, nothing is as you had imagined it: the fable is more than a stupendous reality and, instead of the traditional wedding dress , you will want to wear a particular and original wedding dress, which can express your uniqueness and authentic personality.

Forget the tradition, but without believing that elegance and class fail: beyond the traditional white there are unexpected but sophisticated nuances and prints; there are floral applications and layering games of materials and unexpected colors and surprisingly good taste.

Here is a selection of ideas and inspirations to satisfy your search for originality. Dresses that move away from pure white, or that prefer simplicity and practicality, trouser wedding dresses or real provocations, such as two-piece wedding dresses.

Colorful wedding dress

The first thing you think about, when you want to dare during your wedding day, is to give a clean cut to the traditions and choose a colorful wedding dress. Often the choice falls on the red wedding dress: sensual, flashy, for those not afraid to get noticed. In the past, colorful dresses were used for second marriages but, nowadays, more and more people are opting for a color different from white and blue, pink or black wedding dresses are increasingly sold and sought after. In addition to solid-color wedding dresses, there are many patterns (floral and otherwise) created specifically to accompany you to the altar. The proposals of the best bridal ateliers range from very different shades, in style and intensity. There are the more sober and “dusty” traditional nuances such as powder pink and blue, long since entered among the classics even for the more traditionalist. To break with tradition are the most particular choices: black, for an entire dress or just for a detail, the solar yellow and powerful, the multicolour, usually the prerogative of dresses with floral prints and embroidery.

Short wedding dress

If you want to say no to the traditions, in addition to the color you can play on the length and opt for a short wedding dress: cheeky, youthful and much fresher (especially if you intend to celebrate a summer wedding). For those interested in a short wedding dress, it is good to know that there are very different models: from the classic Audrey Hepburn sheath dress to the more rounded models. Moreover, for those who want to keep a touch of tradition for their outfit, there are short models ahead and with the train behind or with a double skirt. In short, there is something for everyone.

Vintage wedding dress

Vintage fashion has now invaded every sector of fashion, design and general taste. Obviously marriages have also been overwhelmed by this trend. Romantic and delicate, vintage wedding dresses are one of the trends of the moment in the field of wedding. To ensure that this type of clothes are increasingly sought after is the fact that they perfectly match the bucolic scenarios of the ceremonies, especially for an outdoor wedding.

Pants wedding dress

The ultimate frontier of transgression is certainly the bridal gown with trousers: original, comfortable and innovative. Suitable for women who do not need to flaunt their femininity and who want to move away from conventions. However, this does not mean giving up elegance: there are absolutely chic models on the market.

Two piece wedding dress

One of the novelties of the moment is undoubtedly the trendy and particular two-piece wedding dress. Attention to the wording two pieces because it has a double interpretation: the wedding dress two in one and the dress consisting of skirt and top. Both options are among the most original and in vogue.