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03 October 2019

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Everything you need to know about fall weddings

If you decide to organize a wedding in the fall, the atmosphere will be romantic and welcoming, with an unbeatable atmosphere. Warm colors, earth tones and reds for a young autumn, white and ice tones, for a late autumn (but also for a wedding in winter), will make the celebration truly unique and special. If you want to organize a wedding in the autumn season, here are some tips and some tips for a perfect party to set up unique tableau mariage, themed tables, flowers and romantic bouquets and of course, ideas and suggestions for wedding dresses and guests and wedding favors.

The trends for autumn weddings go back to some of those typical events of the season. Halloween has also found space in Italy and for this reason it could be interesting to develop the theme of marriage in this sense. But if it seems too gothic, you can always decline it in a lighter way, focusing on color for marriage, in this case orange. Harvest, oil and spices are three other trends, ideal especially for those who want to focus on ecological and green marriage.

Lots of ideas to make autumn themed tableau mariage. If the chosen date is for the first autumn, you can play with the colors of the earth, warm colors, shades of red, yellow and orange; if instead we talk about late autumn, blues, whites, ice and grays.

Canvas tableau with leaves: for an indoor party it is possible to use a small space for setting up the tableau mariage with a white canvas, resting on an easel. On the canvas it will be possible to arrange a card on which to fix real leaves of different types of plants with warm colors, completed with the name of the table (relative to the leaf used) and the guests at that table. Around the canvas a satin ribbon will complete the picture with a large bow at the bottom right.

Ornamental pumpkins tablecloths: delicious and often very artistic, ornamental pumpkins perfectly represent the autumn season. Arrange several small pumpkins on one level, with a stick about twenty centimeters high that will serve to support the card on which to indicate name or number table and guests. Deliciously autumnal and warm.

Tableau pallet with molded frames: very shabby and retro, use a pallet to tableau mariage. With the help of many molded wooden frames of different sizes, shapes and colors (gilded, with warm shades of wood or painted), you can go to mark the tables with the guests, fixing the frames themselves to the pallet fixed vertically to a entrance hall dining room wall.

Tableau total white: after selecting decorative branches and painting them in white, simply place them in a florist sponge vase and hang thin satin ribbons with small bows and a transparent ball in which to insert a card with the name of the table and guests. Ideal for small tables with few guests. To make the setting of the tableau even more scenic, it is possible to enrich the branches and the spongy ground with silver glitter.

The names to be attributed to the tables to set up the autumn-themed reception must recall emotions and atmosphere of the season. From the names of plants to seasonal fruits, to colors, to hard and dark stones, such as the multicolored red agate, forest green jade, tiger’s eye, obsidian, amethyst and many others.

A very creative idea to associate a really delicious tableau mariage, could be to choose the names of the tables in relation to autumn works of art: from Van Gogh with his painting “Salici al tramonto”, to the face of autumn for the Arcimboldo, rich in mushrooms, pumpkins, tubers and grapes, to the great Kandinsky with his autumn landscape represented in the picture “Fiume d’autunno” and many others. The tableau could be a white canvas on which to go to fix cards depicting the work of art, on which to report name table list and guests.

Another pretty and flavored idea is to give the tables names of spices that recall the colors in autumn, from curcuma, curry, saffron.

For lovers of hot drinks in the autumn, another proposal is to give the tables names that represent the different types: earl gray tea, green tea, macha tea, olong tea, white tea, chai tea and others.

For the preparation of the ceremony and the choice of flowers for an autumn wedding, it is possible to focus on the great variety of colors given by the dahlias with typical shades of this season such as orange and antique pink. The amaranth flowers with an intense red color are also very elegant, which can be used in association with white, red and orange roses to create wonderful compositions for support and cascade. An original choice is the zinnia, a round flower with bright red, orange and pink colors for spherical compositions and really pretty little bouquets. Perfect in bouquets, feminine and romantic even when placed in tall vases, the amaryllis. It is one of the most delicate choices to enrich churches in autumn weddings with white, pink, orange, yellow and red colors, with large and very delicate flowers. Finally it is possible to use the sunflower with its bright and energetic colors. The sunflower is available in different sizes: the large flowers are perfect in the preparation of the church and the dining room while the little ones are ideal for bouquets, especially in association with cascading amaranth.

For the autumn wedding, the bride must pay particular attention to the climate, much more variable than in the summer season, especially if the wedding is in the afternoon with evening reception. In this regard, it is good to evaluate a dress that includes three-quarter or long sleeves: if you really don’t want to give up the strapless bodice, you might consider adding an accessory to wear outside, like a lace bolero or in tulle, light and elegant. The color of the wedding dress for a newborn autumn could include shades of rose, cream, ecru, to avoid optical white. The details are delicious: ribbons, bows and laces in different shades of pink, burgundy, yellow and orange. For a late autumn, on the other hand, yes to optical whites with fur bolero or, if desired, a large hooded cape, trimmed with white fur.

For the guests, instead, go ahead for the shades of reds, pinks and blues, enriched with gold and silver details, with touches of light for a truly glamorous evening wedding. For a wedding in the morning it is good to wear pastel clothes, with knee length; in the evening instead, it is preferable to wear a long dress. In both cases, an overcoat is mandatory given the variability of the climate: trench coats or blazers, short or long according to tastes, to remedy temperature fluctuations.