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26 September 2019

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Bridal makeup, the most glamorous make-up tips

Bridal make-up can be a really complicated choice: you want to be radiant, you want to feel at ease but at the same time look even better in photos and, look no less important, you want the make-up to last and not need of constant adjustments during the big day.
Naturalness and personality, these are the indications for bridal makeup of the last few years.
In this natural case it does not necessarily translate into nude makeup, but rather into everything that makes us feel at ease on a special day where we really want to feel ourselves, putting all artificiality aside.
So we welcome all the details that best represent us and tell something about what we are.
The key word is light, a warm and satin light with a glow and enveloping touch, in gold and amber tones. The line created by the contouring is in this case recreated with light effects extended from the cheeks to the time zone.
The eyes wrapped in warm color palettes, in some cases false eyelashes or in silk to give greater intensity to the look. Also with regard to the lips goodbye to the contour defined with the pencil, rather lipsticks or matte amber hues or in shades of pink and champagne. Red leaves room for plum nuances.
The bride’s make-up is there but cannot be seen, this is the secret; it must last several hours and still be natural and not stratified. Space for brightness and color, a palette of warm colors with a pearly touch from gold, to pink, to bronze.
For the make-up he wears brown eyes made up with shades of brown, warm tones and bright gold or beige light spots. Pink, brown and plum are perfect colors for dark green eyes, while those with light green eyes can opt for silver and metallic gray. The secret is to find a shade of eye shadow close to the color of the iris and outline the line of the lashes with a more intense green, to create contrast.
The new bridal makeup trends satisfied the tastes of all. The super-natural and glow make-up returns to the forefront, but for the more daring it is also super-makeup with bold beautiful tones.
For brides who want to dare, go ahead with eyes with very marked shades, elongated or shaded eyeliner lines, touches of super illuminating light points and glitter. Even the face base is very opaque and the lips are colored with shades of pink or purple.
Beauty tips:
– Add a touch of illuminating liquid to your body cream and pass it on the décolleté for a moderate glow effect and to be even more radiant in the photos.
– Use creamy lipsticks and avoid mattes. Even if more durable at the end of the evening they will create unsightly cuticles and then they will be unpleasant for the photos you will make when cutting the cake.
-Bring behind an emergency beauty kit: lipstick chosen for touch-ups, face powder and brush to fight lucidity during the day, refreshing water to vaporize halfway through the day on the face, cotton swabs and discs to fix any smudges caused by cries or kisses.