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18 September 2019

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How to plan a travel-themed wedding

Traveling is always a great idea. Who knows how many enchanting places you will have seen in the company of your future husband and what other dreams to visit with him. If you and your other half are true travel addicts, weddings are the best opportunity to follow up on this wonderful passion, organizing a wonderful “travel” themed wedding, a celebration of all the trips you have made and that you will continue to do together for life.

Paper airplanes, trunks, vintage suitcases, maps, directions, symbols that represent different parts of the world: decorate and color the location of your reception with the colors of the world for a party full of fun, ideas, culture and so much love!

Starting from wedding invitations: a fun theme idea is to create unique invitations, printing them in the shape of a suitcase, or as if they were an airplane or train ticket, addressed to the guest, to be part of this beautiful travel, the celebration of your wedding. Why not also customize the rice cones? Just print maps or get old maps, and then cut them to form cones. Guaranteed wow effect!

You can personalize your room by hanging travel posters, maps, scattering it with suitcases, postcards, globes and packed with travel accessories. Decorating the reception areas is a great way to make the theme even more present and to make the guests feel in the middle of a journey.

A sweet way to tell your beautiful love story is a tableau de mariage consisting, for example, of a large geographical map or an airport board. The names of the tables can instead be represented by states that you have crossed on the road with your he, romantic cities visited hand in hand and why not? Exotic paradises, future destination of the honeymoon. They will complete the effect of the original wedding placeholders, in theme “journey”. They may be a copy of a photo of your holiday, taken by you. Or a drawing of the place that gives the name to a table. A trip inspired by travel leaves ample room for creativity.

If you choose the theme of the trip, make a poster available to the guests, with the map of a country or of the world to write about. Alternatively, you can also leave guests with your travel memories, such as your photos or tickets for transportation that you have used: they can personalize them and hang them on an album or a canvas.

Even the wedding cake will be themed: choose a cake topper that represents your passion and rely on cake designers for a professional decoration to turn the cake into a memory of a country you loved or one you will visit, perhaps during your moon of honey. The final result will be surprising: you will be able to create suitcases, planes, trains and boarding tickets, thanks to the wise use of sugar paste.

The reception is over and this stage of the journey ends. Reserve wedding favors out of the ordinary for those who attended the reception. For example, you can deliver themed party favors, small globes or hand-drawn maps, as if they were real souvenirs. Finally, you can think of solidarity favors, perhaps choosing associations that help people you have met in your travels.