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12 September 2019

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Fun and unconventional bachelorette party ideas

She said she has to talk to you. Mysterious and euphoric. And then, all of a sudden, the bomb: “I’m getting married!”

Astonishment, tears of joy, toasts, ritual questions and then you return conscious: you will have to organize the bachelorette party.

The essential to organize an event in which relaxation and fun are guaranteed. Everything must be perfect and in harmony. It is not important what you will do, but the mood with which you will “pamper” your friend.

In order not to turn a moment of celebration among women into a nightmare, you will have to manage the two potential risk factors: the budget and the list of guests. The bride decides who will participate in the bachelorette party. Once you have the list of invitees create a communication group, you can use Facebook, a mailing list or Whatsapp. The important thing is to communicate. At this point it is essential to define the budget to spend.

Gather the girls and set the budget, it’s time to decide what to do!

For all relaxation

Let’s start with an idea for the bachelorette party that is becoming a modern classic: bring the bride to the spa. What’s better for a bride struggling with the last wedding preparations than spending a few hours with her friends in a sacred temple of relaxation? Go directly to the center and choose the path and the wellness treatment best suited to the bride – and to the bride’s friends – choosing from the options offered by the spa. If the group is small they could offer you a group massage: take it! Some spas offer the option aperitif by the pool, otherwise you can choose to finish the evening the beauty in the bride’s favorite restaurant.

For the dancer bride

No, this time no disco. Let them try something different from the usual: from burlesque to belly dancing, to pole dancing, the alternatives to the local evening are really different and it is possible to organize tailor-made courses with a qualified teacher, maybe lasting a few hours, including in the experience the whole group of friends.

At cooking school

Whether she’s a magician in the kitchen or a real disaster, the result is the same. More and more often, the day of the bachelorette party is organized in the kitchen, to combine leisure and relaxation, but with a truly customizable key. There are internationally renowned schools, farmhouses in the countryside and even bloggers or professionals who lend themselves for home lessons. All you have to do is decide which theme is best suited to your future bride: it could be a lesson dedicated to fresh pasta, or to the complex art of cake design, going through the secrets of local and traditional cuisine, or techniques for an excellent sushi. To eat then all together, to celebrate the results obtained. Alternatively, if the bride prefers an excellent glass of red why not give her a wine tasting course?

Adventurous bachelorette party

Leave heels and sequins at home, put on tracksuits and trainers. If your friend is passionate about sport and adrenaline, an adventurous bachelorette party is for you. You could organize a day immersed in the green of an adventure park, for example, passing tests such as climbing a rock wall, jumping on a zip line that connects its trees or crossing a rope bridge. All that remains is to consult the list of the Italian Adventure Parks Association.

Weekend out

For the friend who always has the suitcase in hand, what could be better than a bachelorette party in a European capital? Accomplices the numerous low-cost flights that today connect many Italian airports to the main destinations of entertainment and culture, you’re done. One of the most popular destinations for those who want to combine fun, good food and a rich local culture is certainly Lisbon, to which you can add a trip to the nearby Cascais sea. Or London, Madrid, Berlin, for metropolis lovers. More original and also suitable to be visited in May and September, thanks to the always pleasant climate, is Malta. Unforgettable instead Budapest, with its magical atmosphere, the rich neighborhoods of history, the famous “ruin pubs” or ruined pubs, and the ancient thermal baths to relax at the end of the day.

The alternative location

Have you decided to celebrate the bachelorette party, but are you tired of the usual downtown venues? Make your dinner special by choosing an alternative location. How about a sailboat? Or a castle? Some event agencies organize special dinners in special locations at competitive prices, online you will find many offers and proposals. If your friend is a gourmet, how about taking her to a starred restaurant?

Bridal makeover edition

Book stylists and personal shoppers, for a day there your friend will have to feel like a diva. Participate all together in the make-up lesson and listen to the advice of the personal shopper. Are you afraid of getting bored and feeling excluded? Group manicure and pedicure, a wedding is waiting for you!

Males against females

As mentioned, the traditions of the past are water under the bridge. Now the key word is to find the most personal solution. Even if these means transforming the bachelorette party into a party that unites men and women, friends of the groom and the bride. Which, divided into teams, can challenge each other directly in a competition that may include a penance or a bet between the spouses. An athletics competition can be organized, customizing the various disciplines according to the wishes of future spouses and guests. Or a summer game of beach volleyball, to be combined with a day spent at the beach. Or a game of male and female Paintballs, with the promise that, for the post-game celebrations, the loser will pay to the winners (or winners!) To drink!

Bridal shower

The anti bachelorette party, according to many, is one of the true trends of the year. You can then choose to follow a completely different tradition, that of bridal shower, or a party dedicated to the bride organized by her dearest friends. What are the differences? Instead of organizing various activities, the friends of the bride are at the home of one of them, in a beautiful park or garden, ad hoc decorated environments for the event with saucers, decorations, balloons, posters or themed furniture. A small and nice tea-party (but a brunch, a lunch or a dinner may be fine too), during which each one brings a small personal gift for the future bride. In the warm season, the ideal is a picnic in the park, complete with placemats, baskets, cushions and soft plaids spread on the lawn.