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05 September 2019

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Bridal bouquet, the symbolic meaning of wedding flowers

If you are a future bride, you know perfectly how important it is to choose the bouquet that best suits your personality. The possibilities are many, from the choice of flowers, to the colors, to the shape, up to the dimensions of the composition. Each flower carries with it a different meaning and knowing them will guide your choice in the right direction.

If you are hopelessly romantic, you will love the peony, one of the most refined and feminine flowers ever. This flower has a noble history behind it, as a symbol of honor, value and nobility of soul. In marriage, peony embodies love, affection and prosperity. Its various pastel shades can give rise to elegant and delicate bridal bouquets.

The calla lilies, with large white, pink or purple flowers, symbolize beauty, purity and the beginning of a new life. The sinuous shape of the corollas is perfect if you plan to opt for a cascading bridal bouquet. If you prefer a minimalist but at the same time romantic and elegant composition, you can leave the very long stems of the calla lilies gently resting on the forearm.

Gypsophila is also known as mist or bridal veil. This plant is widely used for all flower arrangements, especially for weddings, as it is capable of making any setting elegant and impressive. Generally much loved by brides, due to its ethereal lightness and fluffiness, gypsophila is beautiful on its own, but is also suitable as a filling for various bouquets. In the language of flowers, it symbolizes a delicacy, all feminine.

The roses, extremely eclectic for the different colors available (natural and not), are the flower suitable for all brides who dream of a traditional wedding because they represent love in all its facets. Each color has a different meaning: the red rose symbolizes passionate love, the orange rose is charm, the pink affection, the white purity and spirituality. And yet, the yellow rose is a symbol of vivacity, but also of jealousy, while the blue rose, which became famous for the song, represents the mystery.

The orchid flower has a special charm and a unique beauty that has symbolized, for several centuries, the refinement, elegance, harmony, but also passion, sensuality and love. White, lilac, deep purple, blue, delicate pink and intense fuchsia, the colors of this flower are many and all beautiful. The orchids are highly sought after for the bridal teardrop and cascade bouquets due to their scenic appearance.

Tulips contain the meaning of power and wealth, they are therefore indicated in the composition of your bouquet if you wish to set off to the altar bringing with you a wish for prosperity and fertility. Furthermore, their subtle and delicate shape and pastel nuances are perfect to accompany simple and delicate dresses.

Flower sought after by florists and wedding planners, the hydrangea indicates the dedication to the loved one and that all thoughts are directed to her. A bridal bouquet composed of white hydrangea flowers is a symbol of the birth of a sincere love. If the flowers are blue, it means that the love felt towards him by that person is ardent and profound, despite his faults or difficulties. The hydrangeas in shades of pink mean, instead, exclusivity and pure dedication.

If, on the other hand, you are not fully convinced by the outside choices for more “traditional” bridal bouquets, since you are looking for something original for your wedding, there are other flowers with beautiful meanings that you can consider. Among these, for example, the daisies. They symbolize simplicity, innocence and modesty, but also sincerity, faithful love and patience: fundamental elements in married life. Combined with wildflowers, the daisy is perfectly suited to bridal bouquets with a shabby chic taste.

Carnations, on the other hand, contain a meaning of sweetness, fidelity. The peculiarity of these flowers is that they come in many shades and shades of color, so they are well suited to satisfy all your tastes and your requests.

Again, if you are a happy person and always with a smile on your lips, you cannot miss the opportunity to insert splendid sunflowers inside your wedding bouquet. With a cheerful appearance and a bright color, sunflowers are ideal for a bridal bouquet with a country chic taste. In marriage they symbolize gratitude, admiration and love for life, perfect elements, for the beginning of a new journey together, as husband and wife.

Another very unusual but very effective option for your bridal bouquet are poppies. Large petals, bright color and an unmistakable call to summer, poppies symbolize nobility and serenity and are perfect if you want to add a touch of unexpected color to your bouquet.

Finally, the lily is a flower with undeniable aesthetic qualities and the perfect meaning to bring you to the altar. It represents pride and nobility of soul, purity and candor.