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29 August 2019

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Wedding 2020, the color trends for next year

Whatever you say – and trends aside – your marriage will have to please you first. He must have an absolutely personal, unique, yours leitmotiv. It will have to reflect the tastes of the future spouses, let their love breathe and leave an indelible memory in the minds of the guests. You could start from the combination of colors, from your hobbies, from something you both care about. Imagine that the chosen theme represents you in its entirety: this is how you appear in the eyes of the guests. Try to give a name, choose a color, a guiding motif of your love and translate it into practice. Knowing which are the trend colors of the season in which you want to celebrate your wedding could be a valid help, able to guide you in choosing between those colors that you feel most yours. To select the color of the year is the Pantone company, which offers the trend colors for the following season. The color you will use will be decisive, it can help you to give your wedding a right tone.

Here are the tips for 2020 weddings:

Neo-Mint. As in the fashion world, this color is widely used also in the wedding sector. It is a shade of very light green with a small point of light blue, it creates a fresh and sparkling effect suitable especially for spring weddings.

Purist Blue. Another shade that will be in vogue next year is the purist blue, or a light blue / light blue with pastel shades. This color gives a feeling of calm, serenity and freshness. This color is also suitable for weddings taking place in the spring.

Mauve. A mix of purple and pink, with pastel colors. Very delicate, this color is perfect for autumn and winter weddings.

Cantaloupe. Color that transmits softness and sweetness, in shades of orange. Typical summer color, combined with the now beloved and undisputed Golden Rose.

Mellow Yellow. A soft yellow that conveys creativity. To be preferred in the autumn.

All you have to do is choose your favorite and have fun with themed decorations!