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15 August 2019

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Honeymoon, ideas and destinations for all tastes

After having taken the big step, all that remains is to face the great journey. The honeymoon can be the right occasion to discover exotic and distant places, but also unusual destinations that meet the needs and expectations of the couple. The honeymoon is the symbolic beginning of a new adventure for two, the first stage of married life. That is why it is important to organize it in the best way and choose the right destination, according to the tastes and shared interests.

If your dream has always been to spend a relaxing honeymoon lying on white beaches and in front of a sea of ​​a thousand shades of blue you could consider the following alternatives:

Polynesia: everyone’s dream, or almost. A nice tour of unmissable islands like Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, an overwater room on the sea populated by tropical fish, a deck chair, a cocktail at sunset and lots of love. The best time to go is from May to October, the dry and less rainy season.

Maldives: indicated mostly to those seeking only relaxation. The best time to go is from January to April.

Mauritius: the lands of the seven colors of Chamarel, the lake sacred to the Hindu Grand Bassin, the capital Port Louis with its lively market, colonial houses, tea plantations, rhumeries and of course a dream sea. this island that combines relaxation with many activities to do both in the water and inland. The best times to go there are from September to December and from April to June.

Seychelles: the wonderful archipelago in the Indian Ocean with over 100 granitic and coral islands. The best months to go there are April, May, October and November.

Riviera Maya in Mexico: perfect for those couples who want both to relax on the beaches overlooking the Caribbean and to take naturalistic and cultural excursions. In the Mayan Riviera you can visit the ruins of the ancient civilization, bathe in the cenote (underground cave lakes) and taste the excellent Mexican food. In Mexico it is not recommended to go between the second half of August and the month of October.

Caribbean Islands: Cuba, Bahamas, Barbados, Santo Domingo, Saint Martin, Antigua, Martinique. In Cuba you will have the opportunity to visit wonderful cities like Havana, Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba – perhaps taking a nice trip on the road – and relax at the sea of ​​Cayo Largo, Cayo Guillermo and Varadero. In the Caribbean it is not recommended to go there between the second half of August and October because of hurricanes.

Fiji Islands: It is the exotic place par excellence with the coral reef populated by colorful fish, tropical forests and landscapes all to be enjoyed in full relax. The best time to go to Fiji is from May to October.

Hawaii: they are the ideal destination for those who get married in summer. In Kauai, Ohau or Maui you will be able to live in close contact with the true Hawaiian culture and admire the nature that dominates powerfully. Volcanoes, forests and dream beaches.

Whitsunday Island: this Australian archipelago located off the coast of Queensland is one of the most peaceful places on the planet and is perfect for couples seeking tranquility and intimacy in close contact with nature. The best time to go is from April to October.

Thailand: one of the most classic destinations for a honeymoon. If you want you can combine dreamy islands like the Similan, Koh Samui and Phi Phi Island, even a few days in Bangkok and a tour to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai between nature, culture and tradition.

Santorini: for those who do not want to go to the other side of the world, there is the beautiful and romantic Greek island of Santorini, with the most beautiful sunset in the world. Stroll through its cobbled streets lined with white houses surrounded by blue, take an aperitif with a view of the caldera, relax on the beach … Santorini is pure magic!

If you really want to relax, the cruise can be a good alternative. Now the shipping companies offer itineraries in any part of the planet, there are some that even go around the world. They range from those in the Mediterranean with different routes between Greece, Italy and Spain, to those in the Caribbean, to the summer to the Norwegian fjords or to the Baltic capitals such as Saint Petersburg, Tallin, Copenhagen and Stockholm and the most unusual in the Arab Emirates.

Do you have a few days available or do you just want to spend your honeymoon in a romantic city? Paris, New York, London, Marrakesh, Dubrovnik are just some of the possibilities but there is really an embarrassment of choice.

If you and the other half of your heart do not want to lie down by the sea for the duration of the honeymoon, you may instead opt for a nice trip on the road.

United States of America:The journey on the road par excellence is the one along Route 66 that starts from Chicago and reaches Santa Monica. Beautiful also in California, from San Francisco to San Diego through the Yosemite park, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Death Valley and up to Nevada, in Las Vegas. You could also organize a tour of Florida from Miami to the Keys islands, or the coast to coast from New York to San Francisco via Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans, otherwise a nice trip along the East Coast, from the Big Apple to Maine.

Canada: Canada also lends itself well to a road trip, especially for those who love nature. You could choose Québec with its picturesque villages and the cities of Montréal and Quebec City, Ontario with Toronto and Niagara Falls, otherwise from Calgary to Vancouver along the Rocky Mountains and suggestive roads to the Pacific Ocean. Better to go there in the summer.

South Africa: a country that allows one to experience safari in natural parks – first of all the Kruger Park -, high mountains and beautiful beaches. It is recommended to go there during our winter, from December to February.

Australia: where to go on a honeymoon if not in Australia? The country is boundless and goes from super modern cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, to breathtaking natural places like Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, the Kakadou National Park in the Northern Territory, Kangaroo Island.

New Zealand: destination suitable especially for those who love trekking. Between glaciers, forests and beautiful beaches. The best time to go is the one that corresponds to our winter, from December to March.

Ireland: an ideal destination for those who want to have fun amidst breathtaking views and characteristic cities: you could take the scenic Wild Atlantic Way or the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland. Don’t miss the stops in Dublin, Belfast and Galway.

Iceland: Gigantic waterfalls, geysers that spray high jets of steam, thermal lagoons and so much wild nature. Ideal for those looking for a trip in close contact with nature and relaxing. During the fall / winter season, with a bit of luck, you can admire the northern lights.