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15 August 2019

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Groom accessories, the details for the perfect outfit

Also the man wants his part: if it is always the bride who captures the attention of all the guests, the groom is still the other protagonist of the wedding ceremony and for this he must be perfect in his outfit, from head to toe . As the bride’s look is completed with several essential accessories, the same is also true for the groom: belts, ties and colored bow ties, suspenders and handkerchiefs without forgetting, finally, the classic watch and the cufflinks, the only jewels given to the groom. All different accessories for different styles that will make him the perfect groom, following more or less the rules of bon ton or reinterpreting them according to his character and that of the wedding.
For the dandy groom who aims for an original and bold image, the bow tie is the alternative accessory to the tie that gives a chic and at the same time relaxed detail, provided you are worn with a certain savoir-faire. Perfect for afternoon or evening ceremonies, definitely to be avoided for all weddings celebrated in the early hours of the morning. If you opt for the bow tie on your wedding day, be careful not to lack taste, especially in the choice of color: if you wear the tailcoat, for example, the bon ton exclusively wants a white bow tie on a cassé collar. To brighten up a classic dress, or to give style to the informal wedding groom, the bow tie can be worn in bright shades or fancy, but also with floral prints or abstract designs. The only requirement is that the shirt is solid color. If you have already chosen a colored or patterned shirt, but don’t want to give up the bow tie, choose it solid color, even in contrast.
Among the inevitable accessories for the man at the altar, the belt. Better black or in any case matching the dress, in crocodile or calf leather, strictly combined with shoes, it is an accessory that is almost invisible but elegantly completes the dress. Pay attention to the size of the buckle which should not be too large. Alternatively, there is the band that, if combined with the right dress, gives an extra touch of originality and refinement, elegantly enhancing the groom’s waistline. Obviously it is appropriate that the color matches the other accessories of the dress, in particular with the bow tie and with the possible handkerchief carried in the pocket. If you want to be a vintage groom, replace the belt with suspenders. Inevitable in combination with the bow tie, the suspenders immediately create a hipster style bridegroom, with an obvious reference to the British style. You can choose them to match the dress or, if you want a touch of originality, remove them with a contrasting color.
Whatever the style of marriage and that of the groom, the groom boutonnière is a fundamental accessory. Symbol of elegance par excellence, the boutonnière can be composed of a single flower (the classic flower in the buttonhole), or a small composition of different flowers and essences. For an extra touch, combine the boutonnière with the bride’s bouquet. And if you want to take care of the smallest details, you could prepare a small boutonnière for the witnesses or for those who are closer to you, creating combined compositions that differ from yours.
Accessory of a timeless elegance, the hat is a great classic of the groom. The most popular is always the cylinder, better gray and in combination with the tailcoat and the tight. For a distinct allure you can also choose the tone-on-tone hat or a hat with contrasting shades. And with the stick the look will be complete.
Inevitable, of course, the twins: enameled brass or with stones, in silver or carbon (resistant and light), in sapphire glass, in copper, in rubber and many others. Just choose the one that suits you best.
Remaining on the subject of jewelry, a vast choice also for the watch. The preferred model is the one with three hands, preferable to the chronograph, as it gives the look a more sophisticated look, with a brown or black leather strap. In addition to the traditional watch to be worn on the left wrist, the latest trends also make the pocket watch with a jewel chain perfect for a vintage look. A solution that gives a refined touch to the groom who wants to stand out in an original way and conquer the guests with a rediscovered retro charm. The pocket watch is inserted in the small pocket of the vest, of which a button is joined to the watch by a chain, and should be worn with a rather large suit, to facilitate entry and exit.
Last but not least, an accessory that has become important in recent years is socks. Especially if you choose modern, shorter and narrower bridegroom pants, the socks will be clearly visible. If in addition to trousers, you also want socks to be youthful, instead of classic men’s socks choose colored or patterned socks, such as stripes, polka dots or squares. But be careful: the color of the socks must match the thread color of the wedding, or the other colored details present.