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11 August 2019

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Everything you need to know about September wedding

September wedding is a great classic: the temperatures are still mild, the days are relatively long and nature is still in bloom. Being a month still predominantly summer, it allows you to take advantage of the light and colors of the warmer season, but with some inspiration linked to the autumn that is about to begin. From confetti to favors, from hairstyle to make-up, everything must reflect the bride on her big day, and be consistent with her mood and style.
The dress, as always at the top of the list: uncertain temperatures up to the last will make the slightly more difficult choice necessary. Within the first 15 days, rely on clothes that are still summer and make sure that you also have a shawl with you to protect you in the Church: remember that in the evenings of September the temperatures get really cool and that it is therefore necessary to think of a jacket or to protect you . Brides who have chosen to get married in the last 15 days of the month will instead be able to choose clothes that are a little more structured to match garments that cover their shoulders.
If you choose a wedding in September, better opt for a morning ceremony. The days in fact tend to be shorter than in the previous months and it is advisable to take them into account to enjoy full daylight hours. The sunsets give splendid colors and autumn begins to show itself among the leaves of the trees that are colored yellow, orange, red, giving a romantic atmosphere. But don’t underestimate sudden climate changes: having a double choice, between external and internal reception, will allow you not to allow a downpour to ruin your most beautiful day.
Of shoes it is better to choose two different pairs: an open sandal if the day foresees sun and still summer temperatures, closed shoes in case of sudden rain. And never forget the survival kit, to prevent a little unexpected from making your nerves jump!
The wedding in September should recall the magnificent colors of nature that is being renewed after the summer heat. Orange, ocher yellow, burgundy and forest green are fascinating September shades, to be used both for the details of the ceremony and for the floral decorations.
The bouquet could be composed of seasonal flowers such as daisies, cyclamens and orchids, declined in the warm September tones. Or even gerberas, achilles, asters, anthuriums, anemones, lilies, irises and gladioli.
Among the preparations for a wedding in September, it is important not to forget the organization of the honeymoon. Although it is perhaps the best month to get married, the same cannot be said for holiday resorts. The Caribbean and the Maldives, for example, are not recommended as the climate is very muggy and sudden storms are often generated. Better to opt for other tropical paradises, in the southern hemisphere, such as the Seychelles, a pristine place where relaxation and fun reign. Madagascar is also perfect: it is the fourth largest island in the world and is rich in wonderful landscapes: the green of nature contrasts with the white candor of the beaches and the crystal clear blue of the waters of the Indian Ocean. Another destination for honeymooners in September is the United States of America, from New York with the autumn colors of Central Park to the mythical coasts of California, where it is summer all year round.