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25 July 2019

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The most creative wedding ideas

Among the thrill of the proposal and the adrenaline for the choice of the dress, there is also the hunt for original ideas for marriage: small gifts, found to entertain guests, decorations and set-ups that will rip an extra smile at your dear and will make your wedding truly unforgettable.

What we want, in fact, is to surprise friends and relatives who will share with us the “Yes” day and let them enjoy hours of fun and carefree.

Let’s start with the invitations. The participation of The Ferragnez has made school: a wedding card that, once opened, brings out a 3D cake, the silhouette of the spouses or your photo. In short, the fun begins right away and heralds a wedding that will be a party. Among the most original findings to make the memory of your day indelible we find the personalized stamp with the date and place of the wedding, but also the name of the spouses. Think for example of using it to close the envelope with the thank you card or, again, propose it already in the participation. Your wedding will remain etched in the minds and memories of many guests even if you give them special magnets and pins.

Even the guestbook, the book of dedications, is becoming more and more scenic and fun. There are couples who prefer to associate images with words and here is set up an ad hoc corner with the book on which to write their own thoughts, but also to paste the photo taken a few moments before with a lot of Polaroid made available to guests. Another idea is to use particular objects on which to write something and then collect in a single special container: cork stoppers, puzzle pieces, little hearts in wood or cardboard. Together with the guestbook, you could set up a real set for your guests and make wigs, cameras and video cameras available to them. You will return home with a second wedding album, certainly more fun and colorful: the result is guaranteed!

Don’t forget to prepare the wedding bag: a bag – in jute, cotton, paper – to be filled with everything that can be useful to withstand a day of festivities. The most chic choice is to personalize both the bag and the gadgets with the names and logos of the spouses. From small bottles of water to handkerchiefs, but also mints and various sweets. For the more careful couples also the heel cover for the ladies who will have to deal with unstable and difficult lawns, and still anti-mosquito spray, some hairpin for hair, a lip gloss and a sample of perfume for a quick touch up.

Among the original ideas for marriage there is what we could call a real cuddle: that is, to offer guests the possibility of sheltering themselves from any sudden changes in temperature, therefore hot or cold. On the most sultry days, for example, the idea of ​​making white umbrellas also available in paper or fans on which the wedding graphics are shown is delightful. For the winter wedding, instead, there is space for plaids and warm blankets, or a pashminas to donate to everyone present. You could surprise your guests with the basket of dancing shoes: they will need simple disposable single-size slippers or with assorted numbers, which will be available to the most daring guests on the dance floor, in order to replace their formal shoes.

To entertain the little ones, you just need to think about your wedding, even in miniature. In the case of a group of more numerous children, it is always good to rely on and entrust them to one or more animators who will spend with them all the time, involving them in recreational and recreational activities. Another original idea, however, is to set up a game table just for them. Drawing kits, legos, stuffed animals and coloring books will be your best allies!