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18 July 2019

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The role of perfect witnesses

Being chosen as a wedding witness is above all an honor. Whether it is a civil or church marriage, spouses must choose at least one witness each. If it is not a problem for the officiant, often each spouse chooses even two or three witnesses. These are certainly among the most important people in the life of the couple and occupy a special place in their hearts. From a technical point of view, the requirements of wedding witnesses are quite simple: to be able to sign the marriage certificate they must be of age and carry an identification document.

Wedding witnesses also have different concrete tasks both before and during and after the marriage celebration. The most important is certainly to give advice and support the bride and groom at all times.

Before marriage

Advise during marriage preparations

There are many questions that arise when a wedding is organized. The witnesses help the bride and groom to make the most important decisions and accompany them, if requested, to appointments such as visiting the locations or trying the menu. If you really want to help, it is better to propose yourself for activities in which you have skills. Do you have an artistic side? Then offer to take care of wedding decorations or invitations. Do you have strong negotiating skills? You could be helpful in requesting quotes.

Both before the big day and on the day of the wedding, the witnesses are often a point of reference for the guests, thus removing some thoughts from the spouses. Organize yourself in time and, perhaps during a pleasant dinner with the future spouses, ask them some logistical questions. In this way you can also coordinate the surprises organized by the guests for the wedding day.

Accompany the spouses to choose and purchase the dress

No task is as exciting as having to accompany the bride in the search for the perfect dress. Often there are also the mother and sister of the bride or the father and brother of the groom in the case of the search for the male dress: a perfect occasion to end the day with a dinner between women or men.

Organize bachelorette and stag parties

The bachelorette party and the stag must be an unforgettable day and it is one of the most beautiful tasks for witnesses. Call all friends and make the party perfect!

The wedding day

On their wedding day spouses should only have eyes for one another and fully enjoy the big day. So that everything runs smoothly, the witnesses are the little helpers behind the scenes. They make sure that everything goes according to schedule and they are the reference point for guests. The witness of the bride should also have with her an emergency kit, containing for example handkerchiefs, plasters and lip gloss. Tip: ask for help from parents, brothers and sisters of the couple. They will surely be happy to help and in this way the responsibility is not all on your shoulders – on the other hand you too have the right to enjoy this special day!

Take on symbolic tasks

Guarding wedding rings, guiding the car of the spouses, reading in the church: there are so many beautiful traditions that involve the witnesses on the wedding day. Among these there is also one that provides that the witness helps the bride to dress on the morning of the wedding and the witness accompanies the groom to the church and waits by his side at the altar.

Hold a speech

A speech given by witnesses would certainly not only excite the spouses. Reveal what you like most about newlyweds, dispense some funny anecdotes and don’t forget to tell what you wish the couple. But be careful not to overdo it: keep the secrets you have been told and the most embarrassing stories for you. Possibly the speech should be brief and concise. The most creative can accompany their speech with photos about the couple’s life or a video.

What to wear? Dress code for witnesses

As witnesses you will probably sit at the bride and groom table and you will be present in many wedding photos. Your clothing should therefore be chic. The witnesses are certainly not wrong wearing a pink, lemon yellow, lavender, mint or dark blue sheath dress. For a church wedding you can also wear a long dress of a discreet color with a bolero or a stole. If you want to opt for a very strong or black color, it is best to ask the bride first. The perfect choice for male witnesses is certainly a classy suit in neutral tones with a tie or bow tie.

After the wedding

The spouses and their witnesses are united by a special bond. Traditionally, the witnesses’ task also involves acting as an intermediary in the case of quarrels between the couple and always having a shoulder to offer.

Beautiful gestures: mark the wedding day on the calendar and remember to send your wishes every year.