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11 July 2019

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Wedding proposal, the most romantic ideas

She’s probably been dreaming about this for a long time; she has already decided on her bridal makeup, she has in mind the flowers she wants at the reception. And maybe she has already imagined the bridesmaids’ dresses and her bridal hairstyle. But how to ask her to marry you?

Many choose to declare themselves during an intimate dinner or by hiding the ring in a place where she does not expect it, for example in the bathroom or on the bedside table when she wakes up, perhaps together with breakfast.

For those who are short of ideas but want to amaze their loved one, a romantic idea can be to make them relive a happy memory and in the end ask them to marry you. You could take her for a walk in the place of your first kiss or in the place where you spent your first vacation together: it’s a way to get lost in memories, to relive moments together and maybe make her close her eyes and ask her the big question.

Or some films that have made the history of cinema could be your special effect. Imitate a famous movie scene and amaze her like this: propose to her to see together “When Harry met Sally” and towards the end – just finished the New Year’s scene – pause, kneel with your ring and recite the protagonist’s words, that you will have memorized: “When you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

Or why not make this with music? You could use your song to create the right atmosphere and ask her to marry you. You can start the song when she least expects it, or organize the proposal with a romantic dinner and your song sung live by a band. The words of the song you choose could be part, on the day of the wedding, of the phrases of the promise of marriage that you will pronounce.

The most creative could instead propose themselves with banners or posters for the city and flyers or organizing a treasure hunt in the most important places of your history: how could she tell you no? Again, you could compose the marriage request with sticky stars or small lights, so that she can read as soon as it gets dark.

If you are an adrenaline-loving couple you could organize a breathtaking wedding proposal: in a hot-air balloon, during a diving excursion or during a helicopter ride.

If she likes to read, finally, you could insert an extra page in the book she is reading, a few pages after the bookmark. It will also be unexpected for you when she will read it and this will make the moment even more romantic and spontaneous.