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04 July 2019

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Wedding etiquette, the rules to follow

Good manners never go out of style and if you are particularly fond of them and want to avoid gaffes by sending wedding invitations, or during the wedding day and after, when you send thanks to those who were present or wedding favors also to those who could not participate, here is the guide with the rules of etiquette linked to the world of wedding so as not to risk!

Wedding invitations

Regards to the participations, the etiquette requires that they be written in gray or black and that the envelope containing them must be personalized, writing the addresses by hand. Small note: the date must be written putting first the day of the week, followed by the number, then the month and the year. In this way your wedding invitations will be impeccable and will follow the protocol, even if this does not mean that you will be able, if you wish, to personalize them by combining them with the theme of your wedding. The invitation must be sent several times before, at least 3 months. A detail: it is said that participation should let us understand the style of marriage.

Wedding rings

You can choose according to the style you prefer, but one thing is mandatory: the engraving inside, with date and names of the spouses.

The bride’s bouquet

Did you know that the groom chooses the bouquet according to the etiquette? It must be him to order it and have it delivered to the bride’s house on the morning of the wedding, as a last gift from her boyfriend. For the choice of flowers, he will ask the friends of the bride for help. Especially in the south, tradition wants the bouquet is delivered to the bride by the groom’s mother. Regarding the launch, at the end of the banquet and before cutting the cake, the bride presents the bouquet of flowers to her dearest single maiden as a wedding wish within the year. If the friends are more than one, then we proceed to the famous throw: strictly from behind, the bride blindly pulls the bouquet towards the guests.

Wedding favors

If we want to strictly follow the etiquette, with regards to the favors this provides that they will be sent by the families of the spouses twenty days after the wedding, while the spouses are on their honeymoon. It is a consolidated custom, however, that they are handed over personally by the bride and the groom when they leave: they must be the same for all the guests, except for the wedding witnesses to whom a more important wedding favor is reserved.

The mother of the bride

A crucial figure on the wedding day, the mother of the bride must first reach the place of the ceremony, together with the witnesses, and welcome the guests who will wait for the bride and groom to arrive inside the church. The mother will wait at the door for her daughter’s arrival and will be the last to sit down during the ceremony. It is right that the bride and groom enjoy their wedding day. The mother of the bride will therefore be responsible for the guests and all the rest.

Procession: the first is the groom

The order to be followed must be the following: first the groom enters with his mother or a relative on his right, shortly after the pages and bridesmaids and the bride, accompanied on his right by his father. Couples who decide to get married in the church must remember that: the groom and his guests must go to church before the bride. They will go to the right side of the building, to the relatives of the bride the left side. The bride’s delay The delay is part of the tradition and is admitted by etiquette. The important thing is that it does not exceed 10-20 minutes. The veil of the bride The veil is not recommended for ceremonies in the town hall and for those preparing to get married for the second time.

Bride and groom: dress code and behavior

According to the etiquette it is good that, during the banquet, the couple should pass between the tables and talk to all the guests. As for clothing, the etiquette asks the bride to have her shoulders covered in church, a single jewel, a small bouquet on the left, gathered hair and family veil. The groom, on the other hand, should avoid the tuxedo and prefer the tight or half tight in dark colors, or the classic three-piece men’s formal dress with white shirt and silk tie. If his outfit includes a hat, this should be strictly removed during the ceremony.

The cutting of the cake

It is one of the most expected moments of the banquet. Usually it is up to the groom to take the knife first and place it on the cake, after which it will be up to the bride to place her hand on it. The two together will cut the first slices. At this point the bride will give the first slice to her husband and then to her family: her mother-in-law, her mother, her fathers and witnesses.


The label wants the spouses to take care to send thanks to all the guests who have given them a thought, on their return from their honeymoon, strictly handwritten and personal. It is therefore advisable to write them down on a list as gifts are received, so as not to risk forgetting anyone.