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27 June 2019

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The tips to choose the perfect wedding shoes

The date and the reception are now decided and finally you can proceed with one of the most enjoyable things of a wedding: the look of the bride. In addition to the dress, bridal shoes are the accessory that allows you to personalize your look. You can choose between shapes and sizes, with the model or styles, with or without wedges, retro models or ballerinas up to satin sandals, with or without plateau. There is no lack of less conventional choices such as wedges, flip flops or sneakers.

Let’s start from tradition, the white shoes that “must” match the style and fabrics of the wedding dress: a round toe, with a medium heel, the décolleté with a heel a silk stiletto can be reinvented with inserts in lace, with a romantic bow or with rhinestones.

Not only white, colorful bridal shoes conquer the scene due to their versatility and the possibility of combining them with the wedding theme colors. The colors range from classic whites to grays, pinks and reds up to silver and gold, a great trend because these are a very glam and less conventional alternative.

Although for some it is really unthinkable, there is always a good reason to choose low bridal shoes. The first of all? Obviously comfort: a low heel is perfect for dancing the night away without having to compromise on style, because the flatter shoes give us great satisfaction. The fashion for bridal shoes fortunately lies behind less equilibrists than heels, at least on the wedding day, would gladly do without. From mules with micro-heel to sandals with wide heels to mini-stilettos: a minimal, low heel is absolutely a ideal choice for weddings on the beach or in the surroundings, the jewel sandals would make even the simplest of dresses shine. Extremely flat and made of leather, the model flip-flops are the most comfortable option for all brides who, if they could, would marry barefoot and dressed only in flowers. Not infrequently, however, many brides decide to make a change of shoes at the very beginning of the party by replacing vertiginous heels with strictly white canvas sneakers.

On the other hand, those who want the day to be exceptional in all ways, do not give up taking off next to the newlyweds in 13 or even higher heels. High heels are the dream of many brides who are used (or not) to wear them even in their everyday life. Usually those who wear them do not give up their height and charm on their wedding day. High heels are declined in a wide variety of models: stiletto or stiletto heels, wide heels, heels supported by the plateau, very thin heels, cone heels. Different colors and different types of shoes, from the sandal to the open toe model up to the classic décolleté. A good compromise between aesthetics and comfort is the plateau, highly recommended for those who love comfort and stability, since it guarantees a certain elevation by providing adequate support for the foot.

In short, in the field of choosing shoes for the most important day of one’s life there are no rules, if not one: being oneself and opting for the model that reflects one’s personality.