Villa Gervasio

09 June 2019

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Villa Gervasio, the wedding night in a dream location

You have spent many months organizing the details for the ceremony and reception, from the details of the banquet to entertainment for the little ones, the choice of the dress and the favors, but when the day comes to an end, the most awaited moment will come: your wedding night.

The wedding night is intimacy and well-being. After the splendid party with relatives and close friends, Villa Gervasio offers its spouses the opportunity to spend the first night as a husband and wife in the wonderful suites of the Boutique Hotel, equipped with every comfort and with a breathtaking view that encompasses a single perspective the Gulf of Pozzuoli, Naples, with the famous profile of Vesuvius, Bacoli, with the Aragonese Castle of Baia and the Casina Vanvitelliana. The right choice to toast at the beginning of life together in a private and intimate atmosphere. The magical atmosphere will give that extra touch of poetry to your first night as a husband and wife: you can finally relax after a long and exciting day that has seen you and your love as protagonists. Upon your arrival you will be pampered with a bottle of sparkling wine, flowers and candles and the hotel staff will try to accommodate you in every request to make this special moment wonderful. Colors, shapes, spaces, perfumes, lights, style. At Villa Gervasio everything is designed to make guests live moments that are difficult to forget. The hotel, intimate and unconventional, is enriched by two terraces connected to the suites and a solarium that opens up to the breathtaking view. When you wake up, the fable will continue: the sun that floods the corners and rooms and suites, the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks, the smells of breakfast with local products will be the setting for your first few hours as a bride and groom.

How to start your married adventure? Crossing the door of the room – or of the house – carrying in his arms his wife with the wedding dress. That her husband carries his wife in his arms to enter the room is by now an almost obligatory tradition, to which no one, or almost no one, escapes; even if it’s superstition that you don’t believe in, it’s better not to risk it! It would seem that the origins of this tradition are really ancient and date back to the Roman era, when the bride was carried in her arms to save her from evil spirits that could nest in the house.

The first night as a husband and wife is the right occasion to create something special to share as a couple. Once in the suite another party begins where the only guests are you. The photographer and the guests will not miss taking pictures and recording videos, but what can make the event unforgettable are the emotions that you can relive years later. To make these moments even more memorable, create intimate memories by exchanging for example hand-written letters and letters or small gifts, which will privately seal your union. Over time they will become emotions to remember, to look at and reread together to renew the feeling that unites you.