Villa Gervasio

02 June 2019

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Villa Gervasio at the Water Moto World Championship in Olbia

Villa Gervasio is courtesy, hospitality, nature and above all passion. The same that binds Mariano Iaquaniello to the immense love for the sea, which makes up much of the Villa’s landscape, and for motorcycles. For this reason, Villa Gervasio participated – in the first weekend of June – in the Italian stage of the Water Moto World Championship in Olbia, sponsoring one of the competing champions, Gaetano Costagliola. The Neapolitan Costagliola, one of the best aquabike riders in Italy, competed in the crystal clear waters of Sardinia with personalized clothing and jet skis, bringing the image of Villa Gervasio into the international race.

The sea that washes Olbia has been transformed into a gigantic circuit for powerful water bikes, attracting a very large audience: the Grand Prix of Italy sees the participation of 138 drivers for a total of 28 nations represented in eight different categories. The two types of jets that participate in the different categories in the race are Ski and Runabout, like that of Costagliola, each of which is divided into different classes and disciplines depending on the changes made to the bike and the engine. The exciting races and spectacular acrobatics have enchanted the many spectators who flocked to the Molo Brin and the Molo Bosazza.

The undisputed athletic and technical preparation of the pilots are the fundamental element to succeed in this sporting discipline. The watercraft is considered one of the most significant, attractive and fun motorboat activities in the world. A young sector, in constant expansion, in which the pilot’s physical strength and determination, as long as they are always expressed in respect of the adversary, dominate and guide the vehicle. The aquabike is an incredibly fascinating world, a sport to be practiced in direct contact with nature, especially in the summer season, in the spirit of fun and adrenaline. A small dream come true for Mariano who, with his wonderful Villa and his staff, works every day to realize the wishes of his customers.