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12 May 2019

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Bridal bouquet, trends for 2019

The choice of bouquet is essential to complete the look of the bride. Choosing the ideal flowers to create an elegant and refined composition is really a fundamental step; but what are the elements to be evaluated in the choice of flowers? First of all, the bouquet should be selected based on the theme of the wedding and based on the bridal look, which includes not only the dress but also the accessories and the hairstyle.

Among the most popular trends for weddings 2019 we find the boho chic. Perfect for spring or summer weddings, it is characterized by a hippie and vintage mood. In summer, a very romantic idea is to add the ears of wheat or poppies to the flowers. For the fall to the wildflowers you could add lavender or berries. Details that can also be included in the floral arrangement of the wedding.

In addition to boho-chic, fashion for 2019 imposes the baroque style. The bouquet, in this case, is much richer, refined and opulent, to show off with a princess bridal look, with a regal, sophisticated and pompous dress, perhaps in taffeta or mikado or satin.

For those who want to respect tradition and at the same time stand out, the new classic bouquet with its round canonical form is perfect, it is about 20 to 30 centimeters in diameter, comfortable to wear … and easy to throw! A bridal bouquet of white or red and white roses, but not necessarily. The latest color innovation, in fact, is the white and green bridal bouquet, with the insertion of proteas with bulky and consistent petals. Of great tendency in recent times also the single-color bouquet with all its varieties, starting from the red bridal bouquet, consisting of three or maximum five roses, the lilac bridal bouquet, made with a lavender bouquet, the peach-colored bridal bouquet for the lovers of warm and soft nuances.

As for the shapes, the cascading bouquet is highly sought after, composed of flowers with long-cut plants such as roses, peonies, ortense or eucalyptus. The other trend of 2019 is a reinterpretation of the bundle bouquet, or a bouquet composed of a group of flowers with long visible stems, just tied with a ribbon. This type of bundle bouquet can be composed of different varieties of flowers or can be monothematic.

For brides attracted by the minimal, finally, the very original “one stem bouquet”, that is a single large flower, with a long visible stem. Still, among the coolest minimal novelties, the bridal ball bouquet stands out, to hang even on the wrist, for a bride who wants to stand out. The bunches of flowers to use? Carnations, hydrangeas, calla lilies, roses or the timeless lily of the valley.