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05 May 2019

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How to choose and wear a wedding veil

Long, short or American, the veil is the most widely used and requested accessory by the bride to be to complete the look. The veil is the accessory that helps to reinforce the magic of the wedding dress, so many brides just can’t give it up. As for the dress, even in this case the choice must be well thought out based on the theme of the wedding and the characteristics of your bridal dress. If instead you want to follow the tradition and your desire is to wear the veil of the family, the search for the dress must start from the veil itself, paying particular attention to its nuance and to the fabrics.

The bridal veil has always been a spokesperson of ancient origins and is able to give a romantic and dreamy aura to brides. In the past the veil symbolized purity and absolute dedication to the groom, while in arranged marriages, it was used to conceal the bride until the end of the ceremony. In the Middle Ages, on the other hand, it was the essential accessory to wear to ward off adverse fate, like an amulet.

For centuries when we talked about bridal veil, we thought of the classic lace, like the mantle model that rests very lightly on the head or the one with the train, like a real princess. With the passing of the years and fashions, the bridal world has seen trends change even for bridal veils. There are really many lines with applications of rhinestones, swarovski or flowers. The novelty that has made the most talk about itself in the latest collections, however, has been that of the painted bridal veil.

The requests vary, but the most popular is always the traditional long veil of about 3 meters that creates charm on any bride, it is easy to manage and is suitable for any wedding style. Thanks to its characteristics – narrow and long – it is the bridal veil model that fits the different lines of dresses, from the princely model to the mermaid one. There is no precise rule to define the length of the veil but in any case it must exceed the length of the dress by at least a few centimeters.

Among the medium-length veils, the model that reaches the elbow and the one that stops at the waist is very common. Both are perfect in combination with a mermaid dress and in the case of medium-high stature. Also in this category we find also the fingertips: the veil that reaches the fingertips considering the arm extended along the body. This specific type of veil can also be accompanied by a romantic dress with not too large volumes. A variant with a retro flavor is the Spanish-inspired mantilla, characterized by precious embroideries, ideal in combination with a minimal dress.

If you are a bride to be who loves to dare using slightly more eccentric details, the 2019 short bridal veil is for you. It is the most casual, avant-garde and original genre. The short bridal veil can include different lines: the cape and the stole that rest on the shoulders and hide the nudity up to the veil, also called a fascinator. Mini dresses, simple dresses and the empire style are among the most suitable bridal dress for this type.

To best match the veil to the dress, just follow a really simple rule: if the dress chosen is rich and has sumptuous lines, fabrics and applications, opt for a simple and discreet veil. If your dress is simple and straightforward, you might dare with a princely veil, perhaps embroidered or embellished with lace appliqués. The guideline to be followed must always be that of balance: none of the two must overshadow the other.