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25 April 2019

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Wedding favors, the most original ideas

There are a thousand ways to say thanks: by writing a note, by voice, by hugging a friend. But in the case of marriage, there is only one: giving away a favor. Always a synonym of gratitude, it is by definition the kind gesture that contains the symbolic value of a special day and the personality and style of the couple.

Whether you decide to buy them or do them by hand, consider ordering them or starting to prepare them at least three months in advance, to deal with any last minute unforeseen events. They should be given to witnesses, guests and in general to all those who make a gift. That for witnesses, of course, will be a little more important than the others. Always purchase a few more, to be able to donate them to those who give you an unexpected gift. Delivery usually takes place at the end of the reception, when the guests leave.

The choice of the favor, to be combined with the inevitable sugared almonds, is one of the details in which to unleash creativity. In fact, there are so many original ideas for cadeux to give to your guests.

If you are looking for original wedding favors and want to surprise your guests with a special idea, then opt for food favors. They are perfect and besides being a welcome gift, there is no risk that they will end up taking dust on a shelf. Among the various possibilities, you can choose jars of seasonal fruit jam; whether they have been prepared by you or purchased, a nice personalized label and fabric will be enough to make them deliciously. If you opt for honey jars, combine a wooden spreader stick on which you can have your names engraved. Another solution could be to give your guests a bottle of wine: given the numerous wineries on our territory, there is plenty of choice! Alternatively, you can choose a craft beer.

Do you have a green thumb or are you just nature lovers? Give a seedling to grow over time or a log of happiness, in whose name the most beautiful wish is enclosed.

The frames are back in fashion, no longer in silver but in shabby style wood or in iron with an industrial touch. And again cutting boards, small kitchen clocks, pepper mills, mini teapots and lanterns, perhaps declined in the color of the year, or the living coral.

One trend in recent years is DIY wedding favors. There is nothing more beautiful than something created by the spouses with time, patience and dedication, to thank their guests.

Do you want to do good, giving something meaningful? Choose a solidarity wedding favor. A thought that will allow you to make many other people happy as well as your guests. Much more than a simple memory: the solidarity favors are an important gesture that makes us be generous even on the day of the fateful “yes”. You can rely on internationally recognized associations or smaller companies in the area.