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18 April 2019

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Marriage at the time of social networks

Stop, smile, shoot, hashtag and mail: marriage becomes social! For several years now, the trend of storytelling of the most beautiful day on social networks is spreading also in Italy. Marriage in this way becomes participatory, fun, shared and is created together with guests.

The first thing to do is to create a hashtag that, once typed, will automatically make the photos related to your wedding appear. The hashtag must be short and easy: you could compose it with your names, or enter the date of the wedding or again, combining your initials or your nicknames. With the hashtag you set, each guest can post pictures related to you, your big day, the ceremony. Maybe you will discover stolen snapshots that you will love more than the official photos. Once you have decided what your hashtag will be, you will have to communicate it to your guests and you can decide to do it in different ways, such as inserting it already in the invitation or creating one or more posters to be distributed both in the place of the ceremony and in the place of reception, without forgetting to report it also on the tables.

The “selfie corner” is very trendy: by providing guests with fun and themed accessories and photobooths to take a memorable photo, guests can share it with the hashtag you choose. To encourage guests to use social media to share your photos, you could organize fun games that will help you entertain them, such as the “Spy Game”: in this case you will have to distribute a card on each table where the guests will find a list of things to photograph – for example the most beautiful dress, a happy face, a hug – and then to share on social media with your hashtag.

The trendiest social media for image sharing is definitely Instagram, but even Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google can help you make your marriage viral.

Facebook allows you to create real events, public and therefore visible to all or private, visible only to guests. In this way, participants can read and share comments and photographs. Through the live live tool, you can share the most important moments with all your friends, not just those present at the ceremony.

Twitter, on the other hand, is the perfect social media to give life to a series of comments posted minute by minute, almost like a news-style television marathon. The live twitting of the wedding will be a modoper to update everyone on how you are living the last hours, or to let people know how the ceremony took place.

With pin and repin you can use the Pinterest social network. Very popular abroad, this social network is becoming a real encyclopaedia rich in content, ideas and inspirations. Here you can store the photos on bulletin boards cataloged according to the topics and choose whether to make these boards visible or invisible to the rest of the community. Use it as a reminder also to store the ideas for the ceremony, it will be so useful that you can no longer do without it.

Finally, Google also fully enters the social media used to share updates and images of your wedding. With the use of a Google Gmail account, you can create shared folders between multiple users on Drive, inviting your guests to collect wedding shots, so as to collect the first memories while waiting for your photographer’s official album.