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11 April 2019

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Wedding rings, the symbol of eternal love

Two small circles that will accompany you throughout your life as a symbol of your bond. The moment of the exchange of wedding rings at the altar is a moment full of emotion: the spouses look into each other’s eyes, exchange promises and swear eternal love “in good times and in bad times”.

The wedding ring, symbol of the union of the souls of the two spouses in a romantic plot, finds its origins in antiquity. The circle, a shape that represents infinity and perfection, represents a perfect geometry, two ends that join together to cancel each other out. To complete the symbolism of “forever” is added the presence of gold, material that represents eternity for excellence. The term “faith” comes from the Latin “fides” which means loyalty; furthermore, in the history of ancient Rome, the goddess of loyalty was known as Fides.

The wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand and this is due to two very ancient traditions. The first, as curious as it is romantic, was born on Egyptian soil: from the ring finger would pass a small artery known as the vein of love that would start from the ring finger of the left hand to connect to the heart. The second is linked to the Catholic Liturgy: as soon as the celebrant touches the first three fingers of his left hand he recites the famous declaration “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”, he commits himself to insert the ring, blessed by the ritual , in the fourth finger of the hand.

There are different traditions and customs related to the purchase of faiths. In some parts of Italy the task is of the groom, and his male witness has the task of bringing them to the place of the ceremony. The other tradition, perhaps the most common one, states that the purchase belongs to witnesses, as a gift for their closeness and affection for the couple. If the couple has chosen to have pageboys or bridesmaids, they will be the ones to precede the bride during the wedding march, bringing the wedding rings to the altar placed on a pillow.

From the classic to the valance, passing through the brogues to the most modern wedding rings with diamonds, in white, yellow or pink gold: there are different types of wedding rings that lovers can choose for the wedding day. Among the most popular models of wedding we find the classical faith, medium thin, round and blunt; the francesina, round, slightly rounded but thinner than the classical faith; the Mantua, decidedly heavier and coarser, characterized by a broad band, rather flattened and with a lowered arch and squared, characterized by the presence of small faces that give the band an almost octagonal shape.