Villa Gervasio

28 March 2019

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Villa Gervasio celebrates spring with Pink Life Magazine’s Spring Gala


An event to celebrate spring in Villa Gervasio, via Bellavista 176 (Bacoli). Mariano, Filomena and Mena Iaquaniello, along with Linda Suarez, editor and editor of Pinklife Magazine, under the artistic direction of Alessio Menna, welcomed the flower season with the Spring Gala, an armored event, with 350 guests, who admired the beauty of the villa in “pink”.

A path that led the guests of the Gala from the Calidarium, an ancient Roman cistern restored, which in the floor, under a body of water, preserves the reproduction of a fragment of mosaic floor of the imperial villas found in the seabed Largo di Baia, the famous submerged city; at the Blu Salone up to the panoramic terrace.

A visit to discover one of the most beautiful sites of Campi Flegrei, accompanied by the interventions of Alma y Musica, curated in the artistic direction by Ciro Bellocchio, who has at different times brought to the stage a jazz quintet, a marimba performance and the violin sound.

Even finger food, carefully prepared by chef Gianni Iaquaniello, celebrated spring, with the fresh flavors of the season.

Among the guests of the Gala who, at the end of the event, admired the fireworks display of Accendi un sogno, the designers Anton Giulio Grande and Bruno Caruso, Ortensia Tropeano, Donatella Liguori, the webstar of Ciak and Medico Antonio Minopoli, the protagonist of the video by Liberato Adam Jendoubi, the co-star of “Honor and respect” Ilaria Iannuzzi, John Vitale of the island of the famous, Raffaele Del Pino and Luigi Illiano (Simone publishing house), Gianluca Capozzi and Emiliana Cantone.