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21 March 2019

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The most original ideas for decorating the tableau de mariage

The tableau de mariage is the first element that your guests will see at the reception. His job is to show them the right table to sit on and it is one of the details that most reflect the personality of the spouses and the style of the wedding.

During the realization of the tableau de mariage there are some aspects to keep in mind: it is important to arrange the names of the guests in alphabetical order and use a legible font, so that everyone can easily find their place at the table. Also try to enter the names of all the guests, you can also opt for the first name or even diminutives and, if there were pairs at the same table, writing the two names side by side will help the guests in the identification of one’s table.

The tableau de mariage must be in line with the style and theme chosen for your wedding, as well as recalling the colors you decide to use. Each year brings with it a breath of fresh air and this is particularly true with regard to marriage. So what are the trends for the tableau de mariage 2019? Certainly the kitchen is still one of the hot topics of 2019; traditional recipes are very popular, perhaps inspired by a specific Italian region (the one from which the spouses come, of course). Or, to stay on topic, you could choose the labels of important wines. The additional idea is to use real wine bottles as a tableau, write the composition of each table instead of the label and let each table taste it during the banquet.

If you are hopelessly romantic, give the names of love movies or some of the most famous movie couples at your tables, or use the song or album titles of your favorite singers. If you want love to be the protagonist of every detail, call the tables with the various translations of the word love or the phrase “I love you”; the “eyes to heart” effect will be assured.

For a chic and very classy wedding, opt for an elegant mirrored tableau de mariage: choose a beautiful frame and write the names of tables and guests directly on the mirror, using a liquid chalk marker. For the trendiest brides, why not choose a tableau de mariage living coral? Pantone has stated that this is the color of 2019!

For the most modern weddings, the idea of ​​the social tableau is fun, to be organized as a Facebook page, or by dividing the tables into as many square shots as if they were photos of Instagram, to be shared and to be liked.

If, on the other hand, travel is the passion that unites your couple, why not choose this as the common thread of your wedding? In this case, there is really the embarrassment of the choice. Names of cities that have struck you, the hotels where you have stayed in your travels or, again, the names of famous monuments from all over the world. The idea of ​​creating the tableau with an old vintage style suitcase and giving the tables in the names of the various cities that you will visit during the honeymoon is very romantic. Or, you could create the tableau using a globe on which to hang the various leaflets of the tables, or use postcards of different locations that you visited in the various trips made together and hang them on a large map, perhaps tracing the routes of these with colored wires so important trips for you.

Finally, the tableau de mariage with a tree of life, with a strong symbolic meaning, is still widespread, as it represents positivity and prosperity.