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14 March 2019

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Wedding Cake, trends for 2019

It is undoubtedly the queen of marriage, of course after the bride and her dress. The wedding cake is the coup-de-théâtre that the guests always await with great curiosity. Every year, especially from the United States, new trends are arriving, both in terms of shapes and tastes. The trend is increasingly focused on spectacularisation, with the aim of surprising (and leaving you speechless!) Wedding guests.

Thus, more and more often, it happens to see and taste multi-level wedding cakes, which abandon the shades of total white and are embellished with 3D decorations and more or less edible flowers. Whatever the type of wedding and, therefore, of the chosen wedding cake, the aim is to amaze. The so-called “wow effect” is what we are aiming for. Better, of course, if the Wedding Cake matches the overall mood of the ceremony and tells something about the couple.

The Flower Cake, the multi-tiered flower cake, is timeless. Often recalls the floral decoration chosen by the bride and especially the bouquet. Gerberas, orchids, but also seasonal flowers for base and surface. The flowers can be in relief, to obtain a 3D effect, or paintings, for the most elegant and romantic weddings.

Among the most chic trends of 2019, the Watercolor Cake, the cake decorated by hand with the technique of watercolors, multi-storey and covered with white fondant, and the Butter Cream Cake, covered with soft butter cream. The Butter lends itself to numerous decorations: given its simple but elegant appearance, it is effective if embellished with floral decorations on the surface.

For the most glamorous weddings, from the USA comes the Metallic Cake: modern style and “wow effect” assured for these multi-tiered metal cakes, decorated with sugar pastes and silver, gold (with rose gold variant) and glitter icings.

For the more romantic, however, the Naked Cake, used for years in vintage and shabby chic themed weddings, is still very trendy: the Naked has no sugar paste covering and it is possible to see the inside and the filling used. It is generally decorated with flowers or fresh fruit.

Among the cakes of 2019 the Drip Cake continues to conquer the heart of the brides: literally “dripping cake”: generally with several levels, it is covered with ganache or cream and glazed with caramel, chocolate flows or sauces. The drip effect is mandatory: the sauce must drain to the base. On the surface all the possible edible decorations: from fruit to pralines, from sugar sculptures to chocolate ones, up to flowers.

Among the trendiest novelties, the Rainbow Cake – outside covered in cream, in an explosion of colors -, the Marble Cake, the “marble cake” covered with royal ice and decorated by hand with a marble effect, and the Chalckboard Cake, the multi-level blackboard cake, covered with black sugar paste on which guests can leave a message using white dye as a chalk.

For interior design enthusiasts check out the 3D Cake, a true work of art decorated with cubes, pyramids, squares and irregular planes. Still, for fashion lovers, the Dress Cake, the cake inspired by the bride’s dress that incorporates colors and decorations and, sometimes, even the shape. Sugar laces, icing jewels and flowers for one of the most elegant cakes.

Last option, for those looking for a winning alternative to the classic cake, many small Wedding Cake. The single portions are combined with the preparations, they can be made in many flavors and the pyramid effect is among the most spectacular. Among the most chosen, cupcakes and macarons.