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08 March 2019

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Everything you need to know about bridesmaids

For some years now, the custom of surrounding bridesmaids has also spread among brides in Italy, probably due to romantic overseas films. Whether they are friends, colleagues, sisters, cousins ​​or even the bride’s sister-in-law, they have the honor to support the bride during and before the wedding, advising her on the choice of dress, hairstyle, make-up, and helping her among the thousand commitments. Each bridesmaid must have a very strong bond with the bride, must know her thoroughly to convey the serenity she will need.

The tradition of adult bridesmaids is Anglo-Saxon and dates back to the nineteenth century although, according to someone, it could even be traced back to Ancient Egypt, when at marriages at least ten people were chosen dressed in the same way as spouses to confuse evil spirits. Our wedding tradition has always assigned the role of damsel, or bridesmaids, to girls belonging to the circle of the spouses’ affections. Dressed in the same or different clothes, the bridesmaids open the wedding procession, preceding the bride’s entrance, possibly together with a page, holding a bouquet similar to that of the bride or a basket of rose petals to spread on the ground.

The bridesmaids, on the other hand, give the wedding procession an aura of solemnity: the more numerous they are, the more the entrance to the church will be scenographic and formal. According to the etiquette, you should never choose more than eight people, because a higher number is indicated only in royal weddings, in which there can be up to twelve damsels. The English bon ton rules are very precise: if they are less than three they open the bridal procession and enter in a row one by one; if they are even, they will proceed as a couple towards the altar, opening the nave to the bride; if odd, one alone opens the procession before the bride and the others will always follow her in pairs. During the ceremony they can stand next to the witnesses, or sit down with the other guests.

The bridesmaids will have to accompany the bride in every step of the wedding organization: accompanying her around the ateliers, organizing the bachelorette party, wearing the dress chosen by her for the bride, but above all acting as a guardian angel during the wedding day, helping her with veil and train, and making sure everything goes as planned. In the movies we have always seen weddings with real teams of bridesmaids, all dressed equally and impeccably. Fluttering dresses that gently accompany the silhouette and delicate colors – perhaps in the theme chosen for the ceremony – will make the bridesmaids fashionable but without exaggerating. Because you know, the protagonist is always her, the bride, and woe to remove the scene!

Finally, the bride can have small flower arrangements prepared for her bridesmaids. But be careful, they must remember the bride’s bouquet, but be simpler and above all all in the same shades.