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01 March 2019

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The trends for the bridal gown 2019

Every time we think of a wedding we focus on the details concerning the bride: we want to know what the dress will be like, what shoes she will choose, what the flowers of the bouquet will be, but … the groom? Even his style must be impeccable for such an important day!

Elegant and in step with the times, with a proper reference to the classic and romanticism: the 2019 trends for the wedding day offer for the groom clothes with tight lines, shaped with jackets with lapels and pants with a slim line.

The absolute protagonists of 2019 are the tight and the half tight, in a classic or more modern way, and the timeless tuxedo, often revisited with more modern and casual cuts.

When you think of the tight combination with the English Royal Family is immediate. Always considered the most elegant and formal of men’s clothing, it is characterized by the single-breasted jacket (dark gray or black), reverse lance, breast pocket and above all the tails on the back. The pants are tapered, with thin lines, have darts and impose straps. Inevitable then the vest, strictly light gray or cream. For the tight half no radical change, except for the lack of tails, thus making the jacket also suitable for those who do not have an important height. The tight is traditionally a day dress, so perfect for a very formal wedding that takes place before noon, while for the medium tight the times stretch until 18.00. The norm wants that the guests can wear it only if the groom chooses it too. The tuxedo – or black tie -, on the other hand, differs from other models for lapels, lances or shawls and covered with black satin. Only two colors are allowed: black or midnight blue, and it is worn only after 6pm. The trends for 2019 for the tuxedo impose fit lines, shorter and close-fitting jackets, like trousers. The Korean collar is also very fashionable.

On the subject of colors, also for 2019 the blue – from midnight blue to the brighter royal blue – is confirmed as the favorite color of the spouses, but we are witnessing a return of the light shades of gray, especially for the decorations.

In addition to the modern groom suit, you can complete your look with trendy accessories, original and of great personality, starting from the bow tie. Back in fashion for even the most informal looks, the bow tie is experiencing a great revival in these years, and even for the bridal fashion 2019 has been declined in imaginative models and styles. To brighten up a classic dress, or to give style to the informal wedding groom, the bow tie can be worn in bright shades or fancy, but also with floral prints or abstract designs. The only requirement is that the shirt is solid color. If you have already chosen a colored or patterned shirt, but don’t want to give up the bow tie, choose it solid color, even in contrast. Another essential accessory is the boutonnière. Symbol of elegance par excellence, the boutonnière can be composed of a single flower (the classic flower in the buttonhole), or a small composition of different flowers and essences. For an extra touch, combine the boutonnière with the bride’s bouquet. And if you want to take care of the smallest details, you could prepare a small boutonnière for the witnesses or for those who are closer to you, creating combined compositions that differ from yours. Last but not least, an accessory that has become important in recent years is socks. Especially if you choose modern, shorter and narrower bridegroom pants, the socks will be clearly visible. If in addition to trousers, you also want socks to be youthful, instead of classic men’s socks choose colored or patterned socks, such as stripes, polka dots or squares. But be careful: the color of the socks must match the thread color of the wedding, or the other colored details present.