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15 February 2019

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Living Coral: the color of the year according to Pantone

Pantone has pronounced: the Living Coral is the nuance of the year! A mix of orange and pink tones, which expresses vitality but with extreme delicacy and elegance. The perfect color for weddings in 2019. From the dress to the flowers, this shade has everything it takes to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

If the bravest brides could choose the Living Coral also for the dress, for those who do not want to abandon the traditional white, they think about the trick. The soft shades of this coral, in fact, adapt perfectly to color the lips and cheeks of the brides, who can insert a touch of Living Coral even in the hairstyle with a flower or a crown. All women know: the look of a bride is not complete without them, the shoes. Strategic detail to give an original twist to the dress: the choice could fall on jeweled sandals with precious details and, of course, Living Coral.

Years of American TV series have left their mark and, more and more often, brides are accompanied by friends (or witnesses) with coordinated clothes. The coral color is perfect for bridesmaid dresses: the additional idea could be to provide clothes in different shades, to create a truly special effect.

From the bride to the decorations, in a respectable living coral wedding, nothing can be left to chance.

Peonies, roses and so on and more: the Living Coral is perfect if declined in the different forms of flowers, because it brings joy to the table and to the corners set up with floral decorations. The best idea is to combine this vibrant coral shade with nearby nuances like peach, fuchsia, pink or full orange. For those looking for a more declined contrast, with gray and white flowers, it’s perfect. These proposals also apply to the bride’s bouquet.

What about the accessories for the banquet: tablecloths, runners, plates and glasses can be found in the Living Coral variants that unexpectedly glamorous touch that will break the anonymity of the classic mise en place. Combined with white, nude, beige, earth, green and gray accessories, they give a harmonious and balanced result.

It always closes in sweetness, with the reception queen – after the bride, of course! – the Wedding Cake. Among the many inspirations for a wedding cake Living Coral, elegant and chic the idea of ​​proposing it in the shaded version with the watercolor effect and gold decorations. For those who, on the other hand, do not want to give up the floral decoration also on the cake, here is that the edible flowers are colored with coral, in more or less accentuated variations.