Villa Gervasio

08 February 2019

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Villa Gervasio, the perfect location for your special moments

Ideas, courtesy, innovation, experience and magical location: these are the ingredients that make Villa Gervasio the most evocative place on the Phlegraean coast. The perfect place to spend the most romantic evening of the year. For the 2019 Valentine’s Day, Villa Gervasio offers a candlelit event in a wonderful atmosphere. It also gives the opportunity to book a room with breakfast.

Suspended between the sea and the hill overlooking the Phlegraean Fields, in the heart of Bacoli rises Villa Gervasio: charming hotel, refined restaurant but above all ideal location to celebrate your events. Villa Gervasio covers 14,000 square meters, where history is mixed with the contemporary furnishings. Here the view contains in a single perspective the Gulf of Pozzuoli, Naples, with the famous profile of Vesuvius, Bacoli, with the Aragonese Castle of Baia and the Casina Vanvitelliana. It is the Land of Myth, the place that has opened its arms to the Greeks, the Romans, the great poets of the past, the travelers of the Grand Tour and contemporary tourists. And that today shows itself to the eyes of the guests of Villa Gervasio.

The complex has charming halls and a large panoramic terrace: the Blu Salone, where shades of blue, turquoise, blue, emerald and aquamarine merge to welcome your special moments with loved ones; the Sala Bellavista, with its large windows, elegant furnishings and refined atmosphere. Finally, the Calidarium, the most surprising room in the Villa: an ancient Roman cistern restored and treated like a traditional calidarium, inserting in the floor a body of water, which holds the reproduction of a fragment of mosaic floor of the imperial villas that are found in the sea bottom off Baia, the famous submerged city.

Colors, shapes, spaces, perfumes, lights, style. At Villa Gervasio everything is designed to make guests live moments that are difficult to forget. Great attention is obviously paid to the kitchen, managed by chef Gianni Iaquaniello who, thanks to continuous research and careful selection of ingredients, has made the Villa Gervasio restaurant a place for the palate but above all for the soul.

From sunset to dinner and even further: Villa Gervasio offers the possibility of stopping to spend the night in one of the rooms of the Boutique hotel, an intimate and unconventional hotel enriched by two terraces connected to the suites and a solarium that opens up to the breathtaking view. Imagine waking up next to your loved one, with a view that combines Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields in a single glance … a real fairy tale! Guests have the choice between a Superior Room, a Standard Room and the Deluxe Suite. All the rooms of the Hotel Villa Gervasio represent excellence in terms of comfort, cleanliness, service and relaxation.


Dinner and rooms can be booked by email at or by phone at 0818687892.